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Soli Deo Gloria!

Composer, Gospel Music Artist, Band

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Soli Deo Gloria:

Music has the power to bring us closer to the Lord -

and to share the Good News and Gospel of Jesus Christ! 
A full-time musician and composer with a rich history of recording and performing, Kate Russo Thompson finds great joy and satisfaction creating music and connecting the art of songwriting with the glory of spreading the Word of God and His Gospel of Good News about Jesus Christ the Savior!   Along with her musician husband Blake Thompson and son Blake Jr,  they travel and perform live with the family band: Soli Deo Gloria.

Now is the time to share this Good News with all the brothers and sisters of the world.  
I will give my gift to Him - I will sing His praises all the days of my life!

Soli Deo Gloria!!  For the Glory of God Alone!!  Thanks for stopping in.


Available for Worship Services, Retreats, Events & more. 

Please Email for more information.  

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